Author: Trader Sam

My name is Sam, and I have been a trading enthusiast for more than ten years. I went through all the stages of the trading you can imagine. I started as an individual trader who hoped to gain some exciting profits to become independent. Quickly, of course. After several years of unsuccessful trial and error, I realized I need to learn a lot more about how the markets work. I joined a brokerage company and communicated with traders every day for almost four years. I gained a lot of valuable knowledge, talked to thousands of traders, and learned numerous trading approaches. I gradually started to realize that trading is not as simple as you probably heard nearly everywhere. I needed to learn much more. What really opened my eyes was that, almost exclusively, all the profitable traders I met were using algorithmic trading solutions. I spent sleepless nights learning how to code, backtest, optimize, and analyze my trading approaches. It took me almost two years and dozens of programmed strategies before I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My trading results slowly became more and more consistent, and as I shared my successes with my friends, my story spread quickly. It did not take much time until I received the first offer to help one small trading startup participate in algorithmic trading solutions development. Since then, I have completed tens of projects, and I am currently part of several long term cooperations.