StochAlgo Setup Guide

STEP 1: Open an account at one of our trusted brokers:

Only accounts registered at one of our trusted brokers will be accepted!

STEP 2: Download the strategy

STEP 3: Generate the Strategy Key to unlock the StochAlgo strategy for your account:

You will always need your Strategy Key to be filled in the inputs tab whenever backtesting or live trading. Do not share your Strategy Key with anyone.

Make Sure Your StrategyKey is Always Filled

And that’s it! Now you can use the StochAlgo strategy however you want. You can run it immediately on your new account, or optimize the strategy to find out the most suitable input settings for you.

If you are not sure how to proceed, I have prepared useful guides that can help you with running and testing forex strategies in MetaTrader4. See also a detailed description of the StochAlgo strategy to find out more about all the underlying principles, technical details, and possible expected performance.

Still, have no trading account yet? Open an account at one of my trusted brokers suitable for algorithmic trading completely for free and start testing today!

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