MA-Crossover Strategy

MA Crossover is an elementary strategy concept using two Exponential Moving Averages, MA Fast and MA SLow

Strategy Logic: The start of the trend can be detected when the short-term moving average MA Fast crosses the long-term moving average MA Slow. Based on the direction of the crossover, we can distinguish: 

Buy Signal: Short-term MA Fast crosses above the long-term MA Slow.

Sell Signal: Short-term MA Fast crosses below the long-term MA Slow.

MA-CrossOver Entry Signals

MA-Crossover Strategy Inputs:

  • UniqueStrategyNumber – Unique strategy identifier (Magic Number), each running strategy should have a different UniqueStrategyNumber
  • MASlowPeriod – Period settings for the long-term Exponential Moving Average
  • MAFastPeriod – Period settings for the short-term Exponential Moving Average
  • OrderSizeLots – Fixed order Size in Lots
  • StopLossPoints – Stop Loss distance from the entry price in Points (0 = No SL is set)
  • TakeProfitPoints – Take Profit distance from the entry price in Points (0 = No TP is set)
  • TrailingStopPoints – Trailing Stop distance in Points. When the Stop Loss distance from the current price is higher, the Stop Loss is adjusted closer to fit the preset level (0 = No TS is set)

Point – Minimal change in the asset quotation (usually the last digit)

Pip = 10 Points (regarding FX pairs)

Get the MA-Crossover forex strategy:

Did you achieve the expected results in the backtest? Feel free to share your findings and opinions here in the discussion.

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