Strategy List

Strategy NameIndicators UsedComplexityAvailability
MA-CrossOverMoving AverageElementaryEX4, MQ4
BB-MeanReversionBollinger BandsElementaryEX4, MQ4
ParabolicSAR-BreakoutParabolic SARElementaryEX4, MQ4
CCI-TrendReversalCCIElementaryEX4, MQ4
MACD-SignalLineCrossMACDElementaryEX4, MQ4
RSI-TrendReversalRSIElementaryEX4, MQ4
Stochastic-TrendReversalStochasticElementaryEX4, MQ4
BB+Stochastic-ReversalBollinger Bands, StochasticAdvancedEX4, MQ4
2MA+SAR-BreakoutMoving Average, Parabolic SARAdvancedEX4, MQ4
CCI+RSI+Stochastic-ReversalCCI, RSI, StochasticAdvancedEX4, MQ4
StochAlgoFEATUREDStochastic, Bollinger BandsProfessionalEX4

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